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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays+ Destiny quiz thing

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 24, 2015, 6:07 PM

Hey hey hey folks!~ I just wanted to say I wish you all a Merry Christmas. it's fine if you are not Christian. I wish you all a happy and safe holidays~ as for the gifts, I have not been able to make as many gifts as I have in the past because I am super busy with's annoying actually. please forgive me ;w;

I stole this from :iconmercenary-141: and thought it looked interesting so I wanted to fill it out for myself~ pssst :iconnoconnectivity: you should totally fill this out :iconheplz:

Post this on your journal and answer them as well if you're a true Destiny fan. :D (Big Grin)

Question 1: Favourite planet
Answer: Venus

Question 2: Favourite person to talk to in the Tower and the Reef
Answer: Lord Shaxx in the Tower and Variks in the reef.

Question 3: Favourite Class(Hunter, Titan or Warlock)
Answer: Hunter forever :U no one can stop me.

Question 4: Favourite Race (Human, Exo or Awoken)
Answer: Exo. I looooove them~ Awoken are a close second.

Question 5: Favourite subclass (Bladedancer, Strike and etc.)
Answer: Well that depends on who I am using. if I'm using Dante (my Hunter) it will be Bladedancer. if I'm using Malik (my Warlock) it will be Stormcaller and sometimes Voidwalker. if I'm using Zephyr (my Titan) it will be Sunbreaker.

Question 6: Favourite mission
Answer: Any mission with a cutscene~ cuz I really like to stare at my characters.

Question 7: Favourite music in a mission
Answer: I love the ENTIRE Destiny soundtrack. I like the one in House of Wolves and The Taken King a bit more though.

Question 8: Favourite boss fight
Answer: Out of all the bosses....I'd have to say I really enjoy Urrox......and Golgoroth.

Question 9: Favourite Strike
Answer: Shield Brothers~ cuz I love to make fun of them XD

Question 10: Completed any Raid
Answer: I'm not that much of a Raid person lD my stats will tell you. I have completed Vault of Glass 3 times, Crota's End 12 times and I haven't completed King's Fall yet but I am very close to completing it for the first time~

Question 11: Favourite primary type(Handcannon, Scout and etc.)
Answer: Auto Rifles in Vanilla times. Pulse Rifles afterwards.

Question 12: Favourite special type(Sniper, shotguns and etc)
Answer: Fusion Rifles since the first time I used them~

Question 13: Favourite heavy type(Machine gun, Rockets and etc)
Answer: Rocket Launchers.....cuz I love things that go boom.

Question 14: Favourite Exotic Primary
Answer: Bad Juju

Question 15: Favourite Exotic Secondary
Answer: Pocket Infinity. that was a KILLER in PvP back in the day. helped me through Iron Banner lD

Question 16: Favourite Exotic Heavy
Answer: Gjallarhorn. forever Gjallarhorn. I really miss my baby...

Question 17: Favourite enemy race
Answer: The Eliksni (Fallen).

Question 18: Least favourite enemy type
Answer: Cabal Phalanx......especially the Taken ones. my gosh!!!!

Question 19: Pro-Crucible or Anti-Crucible
Answer: I don't hate PvP. I just dislike it. I'm more PvE.

Question 20: Favourite Tower Faction(Dead Orbit, Future war cult and etc.)
Answer: Dead Orbit. black and white shaders ftw!!!! :U always will be Dead Orbit.

Question 21: Favourite DLC so far
Answer: House of Wolves by far.

Question 22: Do you want space battles
Answer: Oh hell yeah!

Question 23: Current piece of equipped exotic armor
Answer: Dante has Bones of Eao, Malik has The Impossible Machines, and Zephyr has Twilight Garrison.

Question 24: Favourite Exotic Weapon of all time
Answer: Gjallarhorn......the beauty of intense~

Question 25: Favourite Exotic Armor of all time
Answer: Voidfang Vestiments for Warlocks, Graviton Forfeit for Hunters, and Peregrine Greaves for Titans.

Question 26: Favourite Element(Void, Solar, Arc)
Answer: Void. forever purple~

Question 27: Favourite Class Item(Bond, mark, cloak)
Answer: Cloak. I call them capes though.....I never call them Cloaks.

Question 28: When you got the game
Answer: November 11th of 2014 thanks to :iconderp-acolyte: for inspiring me to get the game~ I reached level 30 before The Dark Below.

Question 29: What was your favourite part about the game
Answer: Derping around, teasing various enemies (especially Knights and Harpies), playing with my best friends and having one hell of an adventure.

Question 30: Will you play Destiny for the next 10 years
Answer: I'll try to.

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