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Had to get rid of that depressive journal somehow lD anyway....the issue has been resolved a LONG time ago....I was just to lazy to post an update about it. I'm feeling fine, still dealing with stress but hey, that's life I guess.

anyway before I start to ramble.....I know I have started several stories in the past but never finished. but! I've finally decided that I will finish a few! even if it takes forever.....I shall get it done. I even have a new one in the works~ although it is a short story. so....please give them a read and tell me what you think~

Destiny stories

The Broken Exo
White Dreg Chronicles (I lost the first part of the next chapter in my old computer so I now have to start over....but this story will resume~ chapter one can be found here Destiny: White Dreg Chronicles chapter 1Dreg, Puny, Worthless, Space bug. These are some of the words my kind and Guardians use to describe the lowest class of Fallen. I am a Dreg. However, I am unlike any Dreg. You see, I am an albino. Yeah I know it’s weird. Anyway, before I begin to ramble…my name is Dreggy. Well actually, my real name is Skovis but I chose to abandon that name. You will know once you here my story. This is the tale of the white Dreg’s past.
The morning sun had shined through the dark clouds, revealing a beautiful light blue sky. Snow continued to fall lightly upon the Old Russian Cosmodrome. The House of Devils began their daily routine of wandering around and scavenging ships. One Skiff lay dormant on the ground in The Steppes. Deep inside the Skiff, a Dreg was curled up. This Dreg was unlike any Dreg among the Fallen race for he is entirely clothed in white. The Mohawk on his head was also white. It’s not spiky like other Dregs but smooth and relaxes on the side of his face, sli

Slenderverse story

Altered Minds (Prologue can be found here Altered Minds-PrologueEver get the feeling where you know you’re alone but you feel like someone’s watching you? I have that feeling right now. It’s raining and I’m stuck outside. The rainwater is pattering against the leaves and grass. As much as I like the sound of rain, tonight is different. Tonight, I’m all alone in the woods and I am running, running for my life. You see, I went out to the woods by our home to collect some firewood for the fireplace but I got sidetracked ad spent longer than I should have out here. Armed with nothing but a flashlight, I continue to run as fast as my legs will carry me. I’m trying not to let that thing catch up to me but no matter how hard I try, it keeps appearing behind me. It’s as if I’m not running away. However, this time I think I lost it. I look over my shoulder and sighed a sigh of relief when I see that it’s not there. Just when I look in front of me, I smack right into a branch. I fell backwards and recoile)

Minecraft story
The Odd One Out (Chapter one can be found here Minecraft: The Odd One Out ch1
The world and everything in it are constantly changing. Nothing remains the same forever. I am an example of this. You’re probably wondering who I am and what’s so different about me. Well for starters, my name is Hunter163 but everyone just calls me Hunter. Yeah I know it’s a weird name but in the world of Minecraftia, it isn’t uncommon for people to have unusual names. CaptainSparklez, Slamacow, and WeedLion are some examples. Anyway before I start rambling, what you are about to hear is a story about a young miner who makes a choice that goes against society.
I yawned as I looked out my bedroom window and saw the morning sun. it’s quite beautiful. I got out of bed and went downstairs to have some breakfast. As usual, mom was at work and dad was out gathering materials so I had to make my own breakfast. I had bacon with some toast and some apple juice. After putting my dish away, I walked back up to my room to get ready for the day ahead. I wonder why I

Left 4 Dead story

Chronicles Of A Witch (Chapter one can be found here Chronicles Of A Witch: Chapter 1 6 days before the infection: Nina's POV
Today's the big day! we're going to go meet up for the first time. Me and my boyfriend Jerry have just arrived in Ohio to meet up with my best friend Jaime. we have been great friends for almost 2 and a half years now. after getting off of the plane we went to the Baggage Claim area to get out bags. I picked up my bag and looked behind me. Jaime stood there smiling. I smiled back and ran up to her. "Oh my god Jaime!!! it's great to see you. how have you been?" I said hugging her. she smiled and replied with "nice to see you too Nina. I've been good. how was the flight?" I shrugged my shoulders as I released my grip from my friend. her black hoodie looked as if it was as dark as night. Jerry's hoodie is purple, my favorite color. anyway, after the introductions we went to go board a bus that'll take us to the destination that I wanted to go to, Mercy city. what seemed like a good place to stay for a few days would later turn into somethin

I may or may not continue Chronicles Of A Witch as well as Altered Minds but we will have to see.
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